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At Summer Meadows, your happiness and your pet’s comfort are our number one priorities. We set the bar high when it comes to customer service while making your pet look and feel its best. Your pet will never be crated here as we only take one pet, or one family’s pets, at a time. We begin the grooming process as soon as your pet is dropped off and call for pick up as soon as they are done—no more waiting most of the day to get your pet back. Your pet will be able to relax in our grooming area while waiting for you to arrive. Did we mention that Summer Meadows is in a prime location? Located in Hampstead and minutes from Manchester, Finksburg and Westminster.


Having only one groomer at Summer Meadows allows your pet to know what to expect on every visit, and the expectation that Katie will be handling them each time ensures their comfort. We set aside extra time between each groom so, if necessary, we can spend that time with a pet to comfort them during the grooming process. We strive for quality, not quantity, and you can rest assured that you and your beloved pet will feel like the only customer during their visit. We promise that you will love your experience here and that your pet will be returned to you with their tail wagging!

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" Katie, Angel loves to come and visit you and get beautified! Thank you again for your wonderful work!"by Caroleah M.".